About Us

Laura Hann is a Registered Psychologist and Family Therapist with almost 20 years’ experience.  She opened Finding Balance Psychology and Counselling in Bedford in 2013, and in late 2017 moved the business to its permanent home in a beautifully renovated premises in Embleton (Bayswater).

She loves being a Psychologist and knows that people can significantly improve their wellbeing with simple, effective strategies, and she has the skills and experience to adapt these to meet your individual needs.  She has a particular interest in supporting people to develop a healthy relationship to food, eating, weight and body image using mindful eating / intuitive eating and  ‘Health at Every Size’ (HAES) strategies, which are also known as ‘non-diet’ or ‘weight neutral’ approaches.

Laura’s Qualifications

Laura completed an Honours degree in Psychology in 1995,  and has been committed to maintaining a high level of skill and knowledge since then.  She has gained postgraduate qualifications in School Psychology (1998) and Family Therapy (2007),  and is completing a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Murdoch University with a focus on issues around eating, weight and body image, and her research project involves a peer support group for women with eating disorders.

Laura provides services under Medicare’s Better Outcomes scheme as a Registered Psychologist.   She is registered with the Psychologists Board of Australia and is a full Member of  the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Laura’s Business and Practice Values

  • People matter – that’s why we’re here.  We value our clients and our staff equally.
  • Excellent service – we follow the Australian Psychological Society’s recommendation to see no more than 5 clients per day to ensure that each client receives the same, high quality service.   (Would you want to be the 8th client that day, or the 40th client that week?).
  • Excellent skills – we value life-long learning to ensure we possess excellent clinical skills and use contemporary therapies
  • Integrity – we practice what we preach, lead by example, and never ask clients to use strategies we don’t use ourselves
  • Honesty – if we’re not the right fit for you we’ll tell you, and help you find the right service for you
  • Transparency – we are open and upfront about the services we do and don’t offer, including our fees and the rebates you can expect
  • Valuing Mental Health and Wellbeing – Our fee reflects the skill and training of our clinicians and the true value of mental health care
  • Support local – wherever possible we use Australian-made products (from our stationery to our air-freshener) and support other local businesses (graphic design, signage, accounting, legal, business coaching) rather than using cheaper, off-shore services.
  • Social responsibility – we use recycled and environmentally sound products as much as possible, we support a number of local charities such as the Salvos and the animal havens, and we donate to a bursary to help ATSI psychology students.