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Helping young people and adults with eating and body image concerns

Based in Perth, we are Credentialed Eating Disorder Clinicians (CEDC). Our passion is to help people develop a positive relationship with eating and their body. We help young people and adults with restrictive eating / dieting, comfort eating, binge eating, weight or body image concerns, and eating disorders. We also provide therapy and support to families and carers, supervision to other mental health professionals, and support and education to GPs and other referrers. 

We take a non-diet, Health At Every Size (HAES), body positive stance with all clients. 

For those with clinical eating disorders, we incorporate this philosophy into the evidence based models we use: Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT-E) for eating disorders, Specialist Supportive Clinical Management (SSCM), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Family Based Treatment (FBT). 

Dietician support and restorative yoga

We share our office space with an eating disorder dietician, Dr Tasmiah Masih, and encourage all clients with eating disorders to have dietetic support.

People with eating disorders recover more quickly when they receive both psychological and dietetic support, and Tas works from a non-diet, Health At Every Size framework. 

Tas is also a highly experienced yoga teacher – how lucky are we – and offers restorative yoga classes on Thursday evenings.

Please contact her directly on 0421 130 222 or for both dietetic and yoga bookings and information. 

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If you’re heading out to buy a new outfit for Christmas, my top tip for finding clothes you enjoy wearing is to buy clothes that FIT you, regardless of what size is on the label. 

If you’re like me, you probably have clothes that fit you right now that are a range of different sizes, depending on the brand. I bought all these summer tops on the same day, and yet I needed different sizes, even in the same brand on the same day. 

 Obviously, my body did not change from a size Medium through to an extra large in the space of one shopping trip, yet I bought clothes in those sizes. 

Remember: clothing sizes vary, they are NOT consistent. 

Buying clothes that are too small or too tight, just because they are your usual size, will backfire on you – if you wear them you’ll feel ‘too big’ all day, which may result in you restricting food to try to fit in to them, or binge eating from distress, or feeling bad about your body.

Wearing clothes that fit you is a form of body respect. You will feel more comfortable and look more relaxed, and it will help improve your body image over time. 

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It's a month to Christmas. This is often a really difficult time of year for people with disordered eating or body image concerns. 

Maybe you get stressed about getting dressed up for these events, or you worry about what you will eat or how much you will let yourself eat. Maybe your self critical voice goes into overdrive, or your perfectionistic side flares up. 

Whatever the source of stress, see if you can use these tips to help you through, and remember that we offer emergency appointments on Monday and Friday if you get stuck. 

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Hungry before a session? You're always welcome to bring food with you, and eat it in my room. Forgot your snack? We have a range of museli bars in the kitchen near the mugs, please help yourself. 

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Yes, recovery is a long journey with twists and turns.  Can you take a few minutes to think about, or write about, how far you have come - what can you do now, or what have you stopped doing, that seemed impossible at one point?
Congratulations to Hollie,  our wonderful Client Services Officer,  who has finished her probation today. 

Hollie has taken to the role like a duck to water and has already found ways to improve our processes, making life easier for me and our clients.  I feel so lucky that she's joined the team. 

We have a few spaces coming up to take new adult clients in November, and our waiting list is down to zero. 

 These are for daytime appointments, ie before 3pm on different days of the week, for zoom or face to face sessions. 

If you've been thinking about starting therapy for body image or eating issues, now could be the right time. 

Give Hollie a call on 049 007 9656 or email her at to get stared.
Did you know we have a new, national eating disorders strategy? I took some time last night to join the webinar run by the national eating disorders collaboration to map out our role in the new plan. I've come away with some new  ideas to implement over time,as well as a sense that I'm already doing lots of things well.

One thing I'm passionate about is contributing to the discussion about eating disorder therapy,  services, access etc, and because of that I've also recently had input into a review of the Medicare eating disorders treatment plan referral system.  It was meant to take 10 minutes but I had alot to say, so 45 minutes later..... if we don't speak up ,nothing will change.